BA Job Opening: FedEx

This role is a full-time BA position with FedEx, located right beside the airport in Mississauga. The manager is looking for someone to 6-8 years of BA experience. The ideal candidate will have process re-engineering, UML, data mapping & modeling experience. Ideally in an enterprise environment. They should be comfortable with SQL querying, and have experience putting test reports and training documentation for the UATs. The testing is manual and there’s no specific testing tools they need to have.

Job Description:

Leads division personnel and management in evaluating and assessing business problems that may be solved by advanced technology.Leads division personnel and management in developing alternative technological solutions. Develops business justification and cost analysis of each alternative.Provides business and technical expertise to technical and user groups to make final solution recommendation. Presents alternatives and recommendations to upper management and user groups.

Maintains expertise in the standards and procedures of ITD systems design and project management, including: training, documentation development methodologies, and design techniques. Exploits integration opportunities of existing and new technologies across divisions within FedEx.

Develops schedules and performance reports to meet corporate project objectives and monitor project status. Informs ITD management of potential project problems and recommends solutions.

Develops conceptual systems designs and serves in an advisory capacity to technical and user groups in systems design and functional specifications.

Leads and performs systems design and development for assigned projects.

Facilitates and coordinates between assigned user and technical groups to determine project priorities through analysis of corporate and division objectives and return on investment.

Facilitates implementation of information systems applications by directing activities and meetings between and within involved departments, such as ITD, user groups, Finance and Legal.

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