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When Will BABOK® 3 Come Out?

Business Analysts and BA students have been hearing about BABOK® Version 3 for quite some time now.  The biggest question always is: when is it coming out?  Knowing when version three will be published affects the study and certification plans for students.  Is it better to certify with version 2 or wait for version 3 to come out?  It all depends on the student, and the publication date of BABOK® v3.  Today, the IIBA published an article in their newsletter, BA Connection®, that gives us a few clues to this important date.

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Provision Reports Increase in Business Analysis Hiring

We just crossed the mid-point of 2013, and looking back we can clearly see companies are investing in new IT projects. ProVision IT has launched a research project called HOT POCKETS. We’re analyzing where the IT jobs are in Toronto. In the first two quarters of 2013 we saw a spike in new IT projects, and it reflected in our hiring statistics: Increased hiring for business analysts Decreased hiring for quality assurance roles and project managers

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IIBA releases Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide

Now business analysis practitioners have a set of practices, tools and techniques they can use when working in any agile environment. Developed in collaboration with the Agile Alliance, the Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide provides guidance on the effective practice of business analysis in an agile context. Agile business analysis is about increasing the delivery of business value to the stakeholders of the project or product being developed.

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Three Ways a Business Analyst Can Help With Your Big Data Initiative

Big Data is certainly a popular topic these days, with good reason.  With increasing numbers of software tools and the ability to leverage inexpensive computing power, organizations are able to accomplish things that would not have been financially practical just a few years ago.

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Sheridan BA Instructor joins Calgary Herald Blog

Jonathan Nituch, Program Coordinator for Sheridan’s Business Analysis certificate has earned a spot contributing blogs to the Calgary Herald’s Business Technology Blog.  “This blog is focused on two topics that are very important to business analysts: business and technology,” explains Jonathan.  “We still see a lot of companies who make changes and implement solutions without analyzing their requirements first.  These companies need to understand the value of business analysis; that is one of the things I plan to talk about in this blog.”

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