IIBA Toronto Event – Enterprise Business Analysis: Managing Business Strategy

jason questorGarbage In, Garbage Out. This mantra of information technology is equally applicable to the formulation, implementation and measurement of business strategy. Taken at its most fundamental level, a strategy is a simply a means to an end. In reality, the complexities associated with business strategy extend to everything that happens within an organization every day. Without a clearly defined set of goals and means to get there, organizations can flounder like a ship without a rudder or propellers.
Join Chapter President Jason Questor as he leads us in a highly interactive overview centred on business strategy.

This evening’s event consists of two parts.  We will begin by discussing strategic management inputs, whose critical characteristics include timeliness and accuracy. Inaccurate and out of date data can be not only useless but lethal. We will see a demonstration of a new technology that can assist in the capture of real time, actionable data to support strategy.  Bring your smart phone if you would like to participate in this strategy formulation simulation.

In the second part of the evening, we will examine how enterprise business analysis can be applied to strategy formulation, implementation and success measurement. This includes an introduction to popular and powerful strategy management models, including the Business Model Canvas and the Strategic Execution Framework.

Our Speaker: Jason Questor

Founding and Managing Partner at Achieveblue Corporation, Jason has close to 30 years professional experience in business and information technology management, program, project and product management, marketing communications and learning systems development and delivery. Jason provides business transformation consulting with client management and staff personnel to align organizational culture with strategy, codify business rules and improve business practices. As a management coach and mentor, Jason works to leverage the interpersonal effectiveness, professional and technical skills of organizational leaders to create inspired teams and market leading products and services.

Location: The Marriott Hotel, Yonge and Bloor  Time: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.


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