IIBA Toronto Event – Requirements In Dimensions

pmcleod-headshotMost requirement models are limited to an understanding of technical vs. non-technical requirements or business vs. solution requirements. The International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) has identified stakeholder requirements as the bridge between the organization and the solution as well as transition requirements as temporary needs intended to support a transfer from the current state to the intended future state. Still, this is not enough. To fully understand requirements we must understand the domain in which the requirements are being investigated, the value of the questions being asked, the perspective we put on the requirements, the types of requirements we need to focus on and finally the strata or depth we intend take our investigation.

Join Perry McLeod as he explores the complex dimensions, combinations and permutations of requirements and learn how self-evident requirements become once we understand their semantics and intrinsic value.

Presenter:  Perry McLeod, PJM Limited
Date and Location:  Wednesday, June 19th, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Marriott (Yonge / Bloor)

Event Link: http://www.toronto.iiba.org/index.php/chapter-events/event-listing/details/64

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