Leslie Macumber – Instructor

My name is Les Macumber and I have many years’ experience as an IT professional and consultant. I’m currently head of operations and finance at an enterprise SaaS company. I have worked all over the world for various clients in my day as a Director, Project Manager, Business Analyst, QA Lead, Product Owner, Auditor, Compliance Manager, and much more. I love how the software industry can expose you to some many different industries in so many places!

I have many years’ experience as an educator and have developed and taught college and professional development courses at various institutions and privately for companies and professional organizations. I have taught courses in many modes, including face-to-face, online, and blended. I am also the author and editor of a number of textbooks, books, and academic papers.

Currently, I am a part-time faculty in the Faculty of Continuing and Professional Studies at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

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