Sheridan Business Analysis Certificate updates for BABOK 3

BABOK V3As you may know, the International Institute of Business Analysis released version 3.0 of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge BABOK® in April. We have been busy this summer with updating a number of our courses to align with BABOK V3.0. The following courses are now updated and will be aligned with BABOK 3 for the Fall 2015 term:

  • MGMT70012 Introduction to Business Analysis
  • MGMT70016 Managing Requirements and Engagements
  • MGMT70046 Agile Methodologies
  • MGMT70044 Business Case Development
  • MGMT70045 Introduction to Analytics and Big Data
  • MGMT70043 Software Testing

These updates also included a few other changes:

  • Updated learning outcomes (where appropriate)
  • PowerPoint Slides for inclass format
  • Printable content for online and inclass format
  • Assignment dropboxes linked to rubrics and gradebook, to improve the transparency of expectations for assignments.

A big thanks goes out to all of the instructors who acted as SME, QC, or PM for these projects!  Also thank you to management and support staff who were involved.

Bridge Reference for Existing Students

If you are an existing student in the program, this means that you may start to encounter courses that are aligned with BABOK V3.0, even though you started your studies with BABOK V2.0.  In order to better assist students with this transition we have created a BABOK V2.0 to V3.0 Bridge Reference.  The bridge reference will include self-assessment tests and highlighted information regarding the differences between the two BABOK versions. It is not part of the course learning outcomes or course grades.  You can find this reference in the Orientation module of any BABOK V3.0 course that you take.

BABOK V3.0 License for Existing Students

Upon registration for: MGMT70012 Introduction to Business Analysis, students were asked to pay a licensing fee as part of their course tuition. Unfortunately, this material fee is only applicable to BABOK V2.0 and does not grant you any future rights to BABOK V3.0. As such, you are responsible for purchasing a new copy of BABOK V3.0.

Next Steps

This Fall, we will be updating MGMT70014 Business Facilitation and Communication and MGMT70015 Business Process Modeling and Improvement to align with BABOK 3.  During the Fall 2015 term, these courses will still be aligned with BABOK V2.0.  This should not be an issue if you are following the pre-requisites and recommendations for the courses.  These courses (and thereby the entire program) will be BABOK 3 aligned for Winter 2016.
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