Two BA Courses Get New Names

CarbonNYC_NEW_ExclamationAs our faculty reviewed the curriculum and materials for this year, we introduced the concept of a BA “engagement” to the program.  An engagement is like a BA “gig”.  For example, a senior BA might be assigned an Enterprise Analysis Engagement to create the business case for a new project.  In industry, it is very common for that BA’s involvement with the project to end when the business case is approved.  Another BA is often involved with performing the Requirements Analysis work for the project.  We consider that another engagement.  This concept has really helped the students in the introductory course to understand the BABOK knowledge areas.  We have also applied this concept to rename two of the courses in the program.  For both of these courses, the course code remains the same.  Students who have already completed these courses will receive credit towards their certificate.  Do not take the same course twice simply because the name was changed!

MGMT70013 Enterprise Analysis and Solution Assessment Engagements

This course was formerly known as “Business Case Development, Acceptance Testing and Quality Assurance”.  The new name clarifies that this course deals with two types of engagements: Enterprise Analysis and Solution Assessment.  When you are evaluating a potential solution, you’re performing a Solution Assessment.  These two types of assignments are important for BA who want go “beyond the project” into other areas.  Learn to:

  • Create a business case and answer the question: “Is this project worth doing?”
  • Write a clear problem statement.  A well-define problem us already half solved!
  • Analyze the financial and non-financial of a proposed solution.
  • Manage acceptance testing for a solution that has been built.

Read the Course Outline for Enterprise Analysis and Solution Assessment Engagements.

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MGMT70016 Managing Requirements and Engagements

This course was formerly known as “Business Requirements Management”.  The new course name better reflects the curriculum of this course, which is focused on Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring.  When you are the business analyst assigned to a piece of work, no-one tells you how to go about it.  The documents you produce, the models you will create, and the techniques you use along the way are all up to you.  Making the right choices can mean the difference between a successful engagement and a rough road.  Learn how to decide:

  • Which documents to create.
  • Which models to include.
  • Which techniques to use.
  • How your stakeholders will affect all your decisions.

Read the Course Outline for Managing Requirements and Engagements.

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