Urgent Need for Jr BA

Urgent Need: A person for 3-6 months on contract. The nature and scope of the work is more Jr BA than Sr BA

Context: We are a Market Research firm, and the research studies we do each have their own set of specifications associated with everything from the size and shape of sample, to the questionnaire that structures the interviews, to the nature of analysis and reporting to our clients on the results of the research study.

We are currently implementing a new technology that supports our end to end market research study activities and outcomes

The Problem:   The specifications (eg; sample, survey structure, frequency, duration, reporting outcomes, etc) for each survey are not presently structured in a consistent way .. the content and format of each survey’s documentation is different.

The Objective:  We want to use the “opportunity” of this new technology implementation (where we are migrating every study we presently do, from the current technology to the new technology platform) to create a standard Requirements Document (aka specifications) for each study.

The Need:  A Junior or Mid-level BA who excels in Documentation.

A self starter who can work effectively to gather and interpret various different forms of existing documentation and translate onto a standard format Requirements Document.

The need for process development, new requirements elicitation, facilitation and dealing with ambiguity IS LOW.

The need for precision, high quality / concise documentation, organization and effectiveness IS HIGH

We expect that the market rate for this role would be in the order of $40k annual … Our preferred approach would be to engage the person on contract with salary prorated to the expected 3-4 month duration.

I will also entertain a person who may prefer to work as an incorporated hourly format.

Chris Connolly

Director, Program Delivery

Direct: 416-493-6111 Ext.131

Greenwich Associates

1220 sheppard Vae. E Suite 100

Toronto, ON M2K 2S5 CA


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