When Will BABOK® 3 Come Out?

BABOK 3Business Analysts and BA students have been hearing about BABOK® Version 3 for quite some time now.  The biggest question always is: when is it coming out?  Knowing when version three will be published affects the study and certification plans for students.  Is it better to certify with version 2 or wait for version 3 to come out?  It all depends on the student, and the publication date of BABOK® v3.  Today, the IIBA published an article in their newsletter, BA Connection®, that gives us a few clues to this important date.

In the article, Laura Paton, CBAP, PMP, BABOK® Guide Version 3 Chair & Sandi Campbell, BABOK® Guide Project Manager, IIBA, give us a project status update on BABOK® v3.  It looks like the project schedule has slipped a bit.  Last March, I attended a presentation by Kevin Brennan about BABOK® 3.  Here is a comparison of the release dates from the two sources:

  Kevin Brennan March 2013 BA Connection December 2013
Public Review of BABOK® Q3-Q4 2013 Spring 2014
Public Release of BABOK® Q1 2014 ???
Change to Certification Exams Q3 2014 Six months after Public Release


It seems that the schedule has been delayed by roughly six months.  I would estimate that the release date will be in Q4 of 2014.  That would place the exam changes in Q2 of 2015.

It looks like the cause of these delays was the practitioner reviews.  The BA Connection® article mentions the number of volunteers and thousands of comments that were raised.  I think this is good for BABOK® v3 and good for business analysis in general.  We all know the value of feedback.  The BABOK® is the most important document we have, and it is important to get it right.

So, what is the answer for BA students?  Should students pursue their studies now or defer until BABOK® v3?  Always make your study plans fit your life, career, and family commitments.  Having said that, here are a few things to consider:

  • BABOK® v3 is not much closer today than it was nine months ago.
  • BABOK® v3 will not be the last version ever produced.  We all need to stay up to date as things change.
  • Don’t underestimate the application process.  You need to understand the BABOK® before you apply.
  • The study tools and aids for BABOK® v2 are mature products.  Those tools will all be updated when v3 comes out.
  • If you defer studying, you also defer learning and potential career opportunities in the meantime.

Regardless of what you decide, start recording your work experience now.  Documenting work experience is the lengthiest part of the application process.  Start now and have any easy time when you do decide to apply.

We’ll keep watching for more news from IIBA about BABOK® and will be sharing any updates that we get through this blog.

BA Connection Article: http://www.iiba.org/ba-connect/2013/december/a-guide-to-the-business-analysis-body-of-knowledge.aspx

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